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Dave Hamilton

dave hamilton


Vice President

Hired: August 2001

Originally from: Hopewell, PA


Raised in a small uncharted town in PA. Moved to Florida and graduated with honors. Joined US Army(88) and went all over the world for 6years. Sometimes Dave is a Dad of three and sometimes he is the fourth KID! If you are bored and around Dave, then you have a problem! Like POPEYE says - "I am what I am because of the life choices that I have made and the person that I married."


Favorite hobby/sports/activities: Golfing, Four Wheelin

Favorite Food: All, HOT or COLD

Favorite Movies: Rocky (all), really any sly movie, and Willy Wonka

Favorite Quotes: "Hey now", "That’s what I’m talking about", and "IIWII"


Printing Advice: "PROOF and PROOF again. Just like the old saying - 'measure twice cut once'. "


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