Offset Printing


Digital printing has exploded in the last 10 years and The Print Shop has been on the leading edge. However, offset printing still has a large demand. With offset printing you use “liquid ink” instead of “powder toner”. Liquid ink “lays” differently on the paper than powder toner. Many clients prefer the end result of offset printing over digital printing. The Print Shop offers the best of both worlds, digital and offset. The big 4 office supply box stores do not offer offset printing at all. The Print Shop’s offset capability features the industries workhorse manufacturer, RYOBI.


We utilize proven technology with our Mitsubishi SDP-Eco 1630 III Imagesetter and our RYOBI equipment to ensure that our offset printed products are of the highest quality. We have 3 RYOBI presses that can produce full color output, a RYOBI 3304H and two RYOBI 3302’s. Our professional press-operators are masters at maintaining ink consistency and coverage.


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